Woking Shopping


The new Victoria Place development is shaping up nicely ahead of its planned launch next year. Victoria Place forms a major part of the £700m regeneration scheme currently under way in Woking and will join together the existing Peacocks and Wolsey Place malls under a magnificent new atrium space. Major retailers including Marks & Spencer are set to join the retail line-up, with the popular retail chain due to open its doors in Spring 2022 .

Over recent months, visitors to Woking Shopping will have seen the major construction works in the Peacocks atrium. These works are to improve the way visitors move between mall levels,  with an additional two new sets of escalators between Level 1 & Town Mall and Town Mall & Bandstand Mall already installed and being used by visitors. 

In addition to the new escalators, two new lifts in the Peacocks atrium have also been installed. The new lifts are much faster and more efficient – ideal for people with buggies, bags, or accessibility needs. The new lifts can be found in the Pick-up/Drop off zone , and allow access to Town Mall, Bandstand Mall and Food Court levels. 

 The opening of the new lifts coincides with the temporary closure of the old scenic lifts in the Peacocks atrium, which links the Blue Car Park levels 1-4 with Town Mall, Bandstand Mall, and the Food Court. These lifts will be out of service until mid-October while they are being upgraded.